Correct counter-increment support in Konqueror 4

<p class="test"> here

<p class="test"> here too but inside a table and inside a cell here

At the beginning of this line, you should see/read a big and bold 3 (3 being the correct and expected result for this testcase) and not a big and bold 2 (2 being the incorrect result) as there are 3 <p class="test"> at this point in this HTML document.

Konqueror 4.3 fails this test. If the <p class="test"> gets placed out, moved out of the table, then Konqueror 4.3 returns 3 and passes this test.

This test comes from Peter-Paul Koch before and counter test

Internet Explorer 8, Firefox 2, Firefox 3.0.11, Opera 9.64 and Safari 4 pass this test.

This bug has been reported at KDE Bug Tracking System as bug 197680.

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