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Meta demo page for cursors

Demo page for bug 248023 (Requested popup links bring opener document at its top despite return false)

Bug 253091: MSIE 6 DOM node scope (chain scope lookup)

Bug 196779: DHTML object model properties not documented

Bug 195867: Gecko DOM reference: window.open( ) method

Meta-testcase for frame and frameset related bugs (bug 44449, bug 224970, bug 187342, bug 44306, bug 230081)

Meta-testcase for bug 189308, bug 144868 and bug 305160: scroll event not triggered by mouse dragging on scrollbar are not updating DHTML and DOM-related property values

Bug 111647: mousewheel roll detection and its direction

Testcase on page-break-inside: avoid; [bug 132035]

Difficulties related to playing video with WMP 11 (bug 374183)

@page { size: landscape } (bug 1363148)

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