Bug 196779: DHTML object model properties not documented


Gentle, individualistic and very loyal, Birman cats fall between Siamese and Persian in character. If you admire cats that are non aggressive, that enjoy being with humans and tend to be on the quiet side, you may well find that Birman cats are just the felines for you.

All Birmans have colorpointed features, dark coloration of the face, ears, legs and tail.

Cat image and text coming from www.best-cat-art.com


Dimensions and borderlines of clientLeft
Interactive demo clientLeft     clientWidth   
clientTop     clientHeight  
scrollLeft     scrollWidth   
scrollTop     scrollHeight  
offsetWidth offsetHeight  
Image of DHTML property


Left Top Right Bottom margin-top margin-bottom border-top border-bottom

Browser support

MSIE 7, MSIE 8, Firefox 3, Opera 11, Safari 5 support all DHTML properties.

Konqueror 4.5.5 has 2 implementation issues.

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