Largeur et permanence visuelle des barres de défilement

Rapports de bogue sous Linux

Scrollbar is too small by Tomás Antunes on May 11th 2016 in Ubuntu developper forum discussion

KDE Bug 375051: New scroll bar width: cofiguration missing and inconsistent with GTK theme by Christian (Fuchs) on January 14th 2017
"after long discussions on phabricator ( ), it was decided not to make the scrollbar visible width configurable."

KDE Bug 94869: Cannot change scrollbar size (width) by Bojan on December 11th 2004
"at the very least add a small/medium/large next to the border size picklist."

KDE Bug 23491: customizable scrollbar width by tc on April 1st 2001
"I'd like to be able to customize the width of scrollbars. As I get older I want bigger fonts and widgets that are easier to see and manipulate. Sometimes it seems like these scrollbars are so narrow I have to be more exact with mouse placement than I'd like."

KDE Bug 159055: Resizable scroll bar width by Lou Alfonso on March 10th 2008
"Often times when I goto grab the scrollbar the mouse grabs the edge of the app and I end up resizing it instead. If I could have a preference for that then I could make it as wide as I want. It takes way too much effort to guide the mouse and grab a very narrow piece. (...)"

GNOME Bug 781807: Where is the scroll bar? by Chuck Pergiel on April 27th 2017

Scroll Bar Width is Too Narrow - Uneasily Adjustable

No Option to Increase default Scrollbar Width

How do I make the scrollbars wider?
"I was so frustrated with the annoying super-narrow scrollbars, that I almost switched back to Windows over this issue. The Ubuntu designers really screwed this up. Usable scrollbars are kind of important. Making them super narrow to take up less space was not a good idea. They need to be large so they're easy to click on! Ubuntu, like Microsoft, is trying so hard to make things look good on Mobile that they just end up ruining things for non-mobile users." Clay Ferguson
I agree with you 100%. These narrow scrollbars are so terrible. I just posted a question about how to get the up/down arrows back too. I switched to Ubuntu about 6 months ago and I'm really happy with it, but this scrollbar thing could make me move back to windows. Why would scrollbars be so narrow that the mouse moves past them and turns into a window resize cursor because the scrollbar doesn't activate? It's absolutely terrible. Also, why would I want the scroll bar to be so narrow and have to wait 1 second for it to activate so I can click it. Really bad ideas. raddevus

How do I get a bigger static scrollbar (aka normal scrollbar)?
"the scrollbar is still a razor thin line that becomes a less razor thin scrollbar, but still thin scrollbar, when the mouse hovers. (...)
how is this still a dang issue and not fix/part of standard system settings? lordy four years ago i rage quite ubuntu over stuff like this and went to mintier - neuronet Nov 12, 2017 at 16:26
@neuronet Amen, brother - Steve Cohen May 6, 2018 at 2:47
GREAT QUESTION... Athena toolkit had this working in like X11R1 in 1988. 32 years later scrollbars are far far harder to use... - Swiss Frank Jan 12, 2020 at 14:42(...)
Seriously 100%. This is the same in Fedora+Cinnamon as well. The scroll bars are way too tiny. What in the world were people thinking not having an easy option to make them bigger. - mrbean"

How to Increase Scrollbar Width in Ubuntu? video duration: 1min 24sec

Rapports de bogue Firefox

Bug 1269149: rv46 scrollbar too narrow in Linux/KDE by Felix Miata on April 30th 2016

how can I increase right edge scrollbar width?

Rapports de bogue Chrome

scroll bar is WAY too thin (Google Chrome Help Forum)
"I just wanted to complain about the WAY TOO THIN scroll bar in the newer versions of Chrome. I can barely see it, and its almost impossible to click on when I want to scroll down text. Its so annoying especially since I usually work with large texts and need to use it to get to different parts of it.", by Eld Avd on March 29th 2013

Rapports de bogue Microsoft Edge

Issue 8599715: scroll bar too narrow "I am 89 years old and need you to make the scroll bar in Edge double the width in the next update, I don't have much time. Thanks", by Peter T. on September 30th 2016

Issue 9337473: Adjustable Scroll Bar Width "The scroll bar width needs to be adjustable. On a dual monitor spanned desktop with edge on the LH monitor the existing scroll bar is too narrow to use easily because the mouse can slip onto the rh monitor. This is not an issue on a single monitor desktop.", by Alan Fidler on August 15th 2015

Issue 10059390: Edge scroll bar problem... "MS Edge scroll bar is small, dont scale with the Windows Scaling Settings (150% in my PC), in comparison, take a look Windows Mail and Calendar app vs MS Edge scroll bar size. And this small scroll bar appears in other Windows apps too, like the 'Settings' app. Too small for big screens or high resolution settings (4K)."

Issue 8504062: Vertical Scroll bar is toon narrow for ease of use "(...) I can't get the excessively narrow scroll bars to work. Half the time it is all white and looks like there is nothing to scroll. I hit the scroll bar where it looks like the arrow is right over the scroll bar, but it rarely hits it.(...)", by timo p. on October 22nd 2016

Issue 11319711 Widen the stupidly thin scroll bars., "Scroll bars are too thin and I have to be needlessly precise to click on them", by Anonymous on January 5th 2016

Issue 11319768 Select the page, so that I can scroll down using the cursor keys, instead of having to precisely select and drag the scroll bar every time., "Cursor keys don't allow me to scroll until I click in the page. Many pages are very full, meaning it's hard to find a clear area or one that won't load an ad on it between me selecting it and the screen finishing loading. This is the page I'm on, it should scroll.", by Anonymous on January 5th 2016

Issue 11319729: stop making the stupidly thin scroll bars disappear every time I pause for a few seconds to read the page., "Scroll bars disappear every time you pause to read a page, and then have to be selected again before you can scroll down. And they're so thin that this is awkward if you have moved even a fraction.", by Anonymous on January 5th 2016

Issue 6661481: Please Lose the Awful Disappearing Vertical Scroll Bars., "I just noticed that the vertical scroll bar on the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy does not disappear in Safari. So that is the expected behavior."

Issue 108007: Scroll Bar, "Visit , the scroll bar will disappear in 5 to 10 seconds. When you move the mouse, the sroll bar reappears.
Expected Results:
I would expect the scroll bar to always be visible, or at least a setting to allow it to always be visible.", Apr 27, 2014; closed by Design

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