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How to create an embeddable WOFF file with a True Type Font (.ttf) file

First step: download the file woff-code-latest.zip from http://people.mozilla.com/~jkew/woff/

Then, unzip/decompress the file woff-code-latest.zip with your default unzipping/decompression software (mine is Ark version 2.19) in, say, ~/Documents/woff-code-latest

In your package manager (mine is Muon Package Manager version 2.2.0), make sure you have installed gcc package and gcc-4.7 package and zlib1g-dev package and possibly a few other dependent packages (like make and libc6 packages); if not, then download and install them.

~/Documents/woff-code-latest$ ls
Makefile  sfnt2woff.c  woff-2009-10-03.html  woff2sfnt.c  woff.c  woff.h

You should see those 7 files.

Second step: Build the sfnt2woff executable

Then in your command-line terminal (mine is Konsole), do:

~/Documents/woff-code-latest$ make
cc    -c -o sfnt2woff.o sfnt2woff.c
cc    -c -o woff.o woff.c
cc  -o sfnt2woff sfnt2woff.o woff.o -lz
cc    -c -o woff2sfnt.o woff2sfnt.c
cc  -o woff2sfnt woff2sfnt.o woff.o -lz

Then do:

~/Documents/woff-code-latest$ ls -al

The sfnt2woff executable should be listed along with execution rights for group and user.

Then move or copy the source foo.ttf font (the .ttf file you want to convert into an .woff file) into


and then do:

./sfnt2woff foo.ttf

and then foo.woff should be created and its filesize should be (moderately or considerably) smaller than foo.ttf .

The "./" prefixing the executable is important unless you have modified/added the /woff-code-latest directory to your $PATH.

More info: http://askubuntu.com/search?q=modify+$PATH+add+directory

There. Done!

Many thanks to Johnathan Kew, Chris Lilley and Kazuaki Takemura for their assistance.

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